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Medical area Assistencial Prat Trauma Salut

Área Médica

Medical area

· External surgeries.
· Complementary proofs ambulatorias.
· Service of infirmary.
Área de Diagnóstico

Area of Diagnostic

· Extraction sanguinea for clinical analyses
· Radiology
· Echography
· Audiometría
· Electrocardiograma
Área específica del Accidente de Tráfico

Specific area of the Accident of Traffic

· Contact and formalities with all insurance companies of national field.
· Follow-up and administrative control of the accident.
· Skilled medical attention. Visits and proofs diagnósticas necessary.
· Rehabilitation and recovery of the rugged.
· Preparation of reports. 
Departamento de Fisioterapia

Department of Physiotherapy

· Magnetoterapia
· Electroterapia
· Osteopatía
· Quinesiterapia - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat